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Image by Maddi Bazzocco

In partnership with community organizations, H.I.S. is helping deliver groceries to International Students who
don't have the support to get groceries safely.

As a volunteer, your making a difference in International Students lives when they need support from our community the most.

Image by Kelly Sikkema
Financial Sponsorship

Many International Students currently do not qualify for COVID-19 related Financial Aid. International Students are in gap of aid that we are trying to fill with your help.


Please consider donating to sponsor an International Student with funding that goes directly to supplying them with groceries during this difficult time. 

Image by Helena Lopes
Conversation Support

International Students who are without family or support in the city are lonely and vulnerable in a global pandemic.


Many have had their circumstances flipped on them, loosing internships, reduced support from home, and isolation from their normal support systems.


Sign up to support International Students through social engagement and make them feel like family.

      Stories of Helped Students    

*icons by Monkik


I just wanted to say I am delighted that my path crossed with so many wonderful people in such a hard time. In the world of today, more people like Mike and Amy are needed to spread happiness and kindness. Though brief, I had an amazing experience and connection with them, and now I have something to remember, an amazing story to tell and two great new friends. 


Best regards,



I really thank you for your help, if I was to work I would probably  never asked for it but they don’t have hours scheduled for me due to the situation so I don’t have money to pay. I appreciate what you are doing for international students, and I speak from my country when I say that Colombia thank you for what you do. 

- C.

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