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We know settling in to Canada can be confusing and difficult; in fact, some of us have done it ourselves. We know it can take a long time before you feel like you're truly at home. We want to help make the transition to Canada clearer and easier, so that you can feel at home here sooner.

We want to support you.


Career Mentorship

Breaking into the Canadian job market can be tough, even for Canadians. Our Career Mentorship program allows international students to be informed by a working professional on what it takes to build a career in Canada. 

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Mental Health Resources

Thinking Man on Couch

Struggling with mental health makes everything hard. Looking for help while you are struggling can be harder. HIS has compiled a list of reputable resources so you can start - and maybe end - your search for help today. 

Mental Health Counsellors

When the world is weighing you down, it may be helpful to share that burden with someone you can trust. Our partnered mental health counsellors can guide you in the direction you need, while keeping everything confidential.


Speaking of English

Students Chatting On Stairs

The best way to improve your English is to speak it! Whether you are looking to improve your English or not, come meet other Canadian and International friends looking to have interesting conversations together!

Chat with a Pastor

Whether you are looking for answers to your deepest theological questions, spiritual guidance, prayer, or just a friendly open-minded chat, our partnered pastors are more than happy to have a lovely conversation - or several, if  you'd like!

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