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Welcome to Canada! Welcome to Hamilton! We understand how exciting yet overwhelming it can be to move to The Hammer. Here is as good a place as any to begin searching for how you might make this city your home. 

Friendship Dinners

Frienship Meals - Studetns Christmas 2022.png

Get to know your new Hamiltonian neighbours with our Friendship Dinners program, which pairs you up with a friendly Hamiltonian family to have a meal with. Grow your social network, enjoy some good old Canadian hospitality, and be personally welcomed into Canada.


Welcome Liasion

Coming to a new country involves lots of difficult decision-making. Having the information you need to find safe housing is an important step in coming to a new city.  Welcome Liason seeks to fill in the gaps of information so that you can transition to Canada with eyes wide open.

HISTEAM (1).jpg
Welcome Liason - Student.png

A Hamilton welcome looks like this:

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