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Welcome Liasion

Welcome Liason - Student_edited_edited.jpg
  1. Welcome international students to our city by connecting them to a warm, friendly, local volunteer. 

2. Support international students to make an informed decision about finding a safe place in Brampton

3. Connect students to the various support services offered to them so you have the resource you need to succeed in your first few months in Hamilton

We want to:

Moving to Canada can be confusing and difficult to navigate. Finding information about Canadian rentals can be tough, and without proper information it is even more difficult to make decisions that are truly right for you.

The Welcome Liason Program is here to help you before you even arrive. Pairing you with a Hamiltonian guide, the Welcome Liason will provide you information such as: 

- Rental procedures, 

- Your rights as a tenant of Ontario*, 

- Available neighbourhoods to begin (and end) your search for a home, and 

- Any other information you may need to adjust more easily to Canada

* We do not provide legal advice. Any information about your tenant rights in Ontario comes from the Residential Tenancy Agreement of Ontario. If you feel your rights as a tenant has been violated, please contact a licensed paralegal or lawyer with the Law Society of Ontario to assist you. For assistance in seeking a legal aid, please contact us at

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